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The link between Handhelds and  Cashregister


  • high quality DECT-Technology for data transmission.
    Fast, secure, reliable. Even in big installations.
  • Assignment base – Handheld. No manipulation to nearby base stations.
  • Roaming. Handhelds can walk through different antenna areas without new assignment.
  • Frequency Hopping - automatically frequency selection.
  • long-range radio.
  • European authorisation.



There are three different Base-Stations


  • Base light for usage with merlin OLE/OCX controls. The radio-protocol is driven inside the control, the base-station is simply the front-end.
  • Basis CPU for proprietary and / or very demanding cash registers.
    The base-station drives the radio protocol and talks over a serial protocol with the cash register. This base-station can be licensed too, i.e. the number of handhelds is limited. To register additional handhelds, we need the serial number of the base-station.
  • Base CPU Master/Slave. The roaming version with additional RS485 interface for  increasing the number of base-stations. The rest is like base CPU.



Download of current programs and firmware

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